Dear Electoral Roll Members,

This coming Sunday, 13 September, there will be a short Service of the Word at the Couvent des Carmes (1 rue Père Jacques, 77210 Avon) which will be followed by our ACM.

Please find below the Agenda for our Annual Chaplaincy Meeting to be held on Sunday September 13 at 10h30 in the Chapel at St Aspais. 

You will have received the booklet of reports via email. Do read through the reports in preparation for the ACM as questions from the floor will be taken following each item listed on the Agenda. 
For those of you who would like to join the Council, please contact me by email to obtain the forms that you will need to hand over before the beginning of the ACM (you also have the possibility to send me a scanned copy by email):

  • form for Churchwardens,
  • form for Council members,
  • form for Synod representatives.

Looking forward to seeing you.

Yours in Christ,
Patrick Raharijaona
Chaplaincy Council Secretary

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