Hello everyone,
This year St Luke’s celebrates Corpus Christi with an Agape Feast for the celebration of Thanksgiving for Holy Communion, Thursday, June 11 at 8pm.  The service will be lead by Revd Canon John Smith via Zoom
Before we start

Gather together the following, if you can:

  • A candle (with a safe place to put it) and matches
  • Some bread – a slice, a roll, a rice cake or whatever you have 
  • A drink – water or juice, wine or tea!
  • A bible (the readings will also be printed in the service book)
  • A cross

You might like to arrange these on a table, then click on 

Topic: Saint-Luke’s Fontainebleau – AGAPE Feast for the Thanksgiving for Holy Communion

Time: Jun 11, 2020 08:00 PM Paris

Meeting ID: 889 7937 6092

Password: 812245

You might like to log on and get used to this 10-15 minutes before the service starts, we will begin at 8pm.

At the bottom left corner of ‘zoom’, you will see a microphone symbol and a video symbol. These will enable you to be heard and seen, or not. In order to minimize feedback in the system, we will invite everyone to join in the opening and closing responses so we hear one another’s voices, but please press ‘mute’ in between. 

We can all say the responses (in bold) in the comfort of home, without our microphones on; with just one or two nominated people leading us.

If you have specific prayer requests, or things to be thankful for, please add them (in brief!) using the ‘chat’ function, where they can be typed in and seen during the service. We will try to include them in the intercessions, or during Sunday’s service. 

Love and peace in Christ
St. Luke’s


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