Dear All,

A new service specially for Ascension Day

Bishop Robert has authorised a revival of an ancient church service to use in these strange times: an AGAPE. Archdeacon Meurig has let us have an example of it.

It is a love feast, to show symbolically God’s love for his people, and our love for God. Originally it was a sharing of bread and wine, but different from a Eucharist, there is no reference back to the last supper or a priest blessing the elements.

 There is no question of transubstantiation or any mystical change to the food and drink.

What we shall be doing is a special new service, at which we shall simultaneously eat and drink in our own homes, joining together via zoom at 20.00 on Ascension Day, Thursday 21 May. So, we shall all have in front of us something we like to eat, and something we like to drink, and we’ll go from there.

The PCC asked what scale of food, and I said I visualised a dessert, not a roast pig, so that gives some idea. The drink may or may not be wine. I expect I’ll have wine and cheese.

The point is to show by our common actions our appreciation of God’s love for us, the importance of our love for God and our commitment to each other.

See you on Thursday!

Reverend Canon John Smith

The Zoom information is the following:

Topic: Saint-Luke’s Fontainebleau – Ascension Day service & Agapé
Time: May 21, 2020 20:00 Paris
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 853 4066 6366

Password : please email us at to receive the password

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