Harvest Festival Food Donations 

Thank you everyone for the gifts of food at our Harvest Festival.
We have received a letter of thanks from Restos du Coeur for the 102 kg collected. Please click on link below.

Letter from Restos du Coeur

UPDATE – please see below the email which has just been sent to Les Amis concerning the collection taken at St Luke’s during the Harvest Festival service.  It was donated to the Restos du Cœur thus enabling them to buy another 550 kg of food and hygiene products for the people coming to the centre in Avon.

From: “[AD77] Avon” <ad77.avon@restosducoeur.org>
Subject: Remerciements
Date: 4 Dec 2018 16:29:22 GMT+1

Cher Monsieur

Les bénévoles du Centre des Restos du Cœur d’Avon vous remercient chaleureusement  pour le don de votre association qui se traduit par 550 kg de produits alimentaires et d’hygiène et qui va leur permettre d’améliorer le soutien  apporté aux bénéficiaires.
Veuillez recevoir cher Monsieur, nos cordiales salutations
Danielle Abramovici
Responsable de centre

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