The annual harvest festival service was held on Sunday October 7th.

As has been the tradition at St Luke’s now for many years, families were invited to bring tinned and powdered food and supplies to donate to the local Resto du Cœur who do such great work in the local community supporting those in need. The offering taken in the service, together with donations from families to buy the wonderful flowers that decorated the Chapel, totalled 325 € and this money will used to buy more supplies for the Resto du Coeur according to their needs.

Nicolas Daglish, President of Les Amis (the Association through which St Luke’s makes its donations to charities and other good causes) gave an interesting and informative short history and overview of the extensive work undertaken by Restos du Coeur. 

The harvest decoration in the Chapel was wonderful to see – many thanks to the young people of St Luke’s who arrived very early to make the décorations  (under the watchful eye of Leigh !) and to everyone who made a flower display.

A wonderful service was enjoyed by the 55 people attending.

Thanks to everyone who helped and a special thank you from the Fontainebleau/Avon Resto du Cœur for this support which is really appreciated by them and ultimately by those in need who benefit from these donations.   

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