St Luke’s annual Harvest Festival service will take place next Sunday, October 7th starting at 10:30 am. As in previous years St Luke’s Fontainebleau will be making a donation via Les Amis to the local Restos du Coeur.  This is an important outreach project and a wonderful way for St Luke’s to be present in and support the surrounding community. They have requested donations of the following tinned and dried goods to enable them to distribute more easily to those in need. Please add to your shopping list as many of these items that you feel comfortable with and bring them along to the service as part of your giving !

Small tins:     corned beef, sardines or tuna  ( “au nature” preferred ), pâté de campagne, vegetables, beans, peas, carrots, tomatoes, maize and meat ravioli

Dry Goods:     potato purée, powdered chocolate and milk demi-écrémé

(Please note that they have sufficient supply of pasta and rice) …

Should you be unable to bring in your donations on the 7th, please contact one of the council members who would be happy to arrange for them to be collected.

The cash offering in Church will also be used to support the work of the Fontainebleau / Avon Restos du Cœur.

Thank you in advance for your generosity which is appreciated and valued so much by this association which does such great work. You can learn more by visiting their website


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