The “Sweet Friday” ladies have announced a Sweet Friday Special Event! The occasion is always special for Sweet Friday, of course – women from the Saint Lukes Fontainebleau Community (and beyond) gather together and celebrate their Christian lives through wine, nibbles, and casual conversation. A special guest is often invited to talk about some special aspect of their journey as a Christian, but above all it’s just a great opportunity to spend quality time with like-minded women and deepen bonds with friends or make new friends. So yeah.. Sweet Friday is always Special!

The upcoming Sweet Friday is a Special Event, however,¬†because one of its central purposes is to meet, greet, and welcome Saint Luke’s new permanent chaplain, Reverend Elisabeth Dean (who also happens to be a woman). Saint Luke’s Church Fontainebleau has truly been blessed that God has heard our prayers and sent Elisabeth and her husband Noel to our humble church. So please do come join the rest of the women in welcoming Elisabeth to her new home – mark your calendars, save the date, and come join the fun! Details are below:


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