The 2018 Les Amis car show, which took place on June 3, a gorgeous sunny Sunday afternoon, was a huge success. Here is what some of the organisers had to say, along with some photos of the event:

A big thank you to all for your time and efforts yesterday, not least long hours on the entrance, which ensured that the event went smoothly and successfully. Also for all the preparation work, mailings, fliers and publicity.

The results preliminary only at this stage. We took € 1,050 car entrances, just under 100 vehicles. Park and chateau visitor numbers were over 1000 should bring our receipts close to € 2000.
Hope to see you all next Sunday for Amis AGM !

My duties were on the gate.  As people arrived I saw lots of smiles, individuals as well as whole families, enjoying a sunny day out doing something interesting.  The posters and entrance tickets made it obvious it was the Anglican Church of Fontainebleau that organised the event.  When I was asked, and it happened quite often, where the money was going it was a pleasure to inform them it all went to charity.  I did not have to say it; it was a practical demonstration of Christian values and highlighted all the volunteers’ commitment.  Whatever the result I enjoyed the day.  If it helped, even in by infinitesimal amount to spread the word, the day will have been even more worthwhile and enjoyable.



The annual classic car event held at the Château de Courances has become a highlight of the calendar of Les Amis both in terms of the number of people enjoying the event and the monies raised contributing to Les Amis mission of donating to charitable causes on behalf of St Luke’s. We were blessed with a wonderful sunny day, enthusiastic owners displaying their cars – many of whom return year after year. Families enjoyed a picnic in the grounds. Information on the work of the Les Amis and their charitable giving was shared. This years event raised over 2000 Euros – a great result and thanks to the volunteers giving up their time to support the mission of Les Amis. The day was a great example of the Amis at work –  an enjoyable and fun day with our Christian mission at its heart – raising funds for the benefit of those in need.

Kind regards,


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