Following the recent visit to Saint Luke’s Church Fontainebleau’s by its new permanent chaplain, Rev Elisabeth Dean, and her husband Noel, the congregation eagerly awaits the 5th of August when she will lead her first Sunday Service. In the interim, Saint Luke’s is pleased to welcome with open arms Rev Karol Misso, who will arrive May 31st and serve Christ as locum at Saint Luke’s throughout the months of June and July.
That leaves opportunities for two services to be led by highly respected, dedicated disciples of Christ and members of the Saint Luke’s Church Fontainebleau:
¤ May 20th: Glenys, a long-time Saint-Luke’s parishioner and former head of the Anglophone Section of Fontainebleau will lead the service. Her husband Mike, a lay-reader with a strong foundation in theological studies, will give the talk on this very special Sunday celebrating Pentecost. It is sure to be a refreshing and poignant service.
¤ 27th Barbara, one of the founders of the original Anglophone Church of Fontainebleau, (which became Saint Luke’s Church Fontainebleau several years ago) will lead the service. Her husband Diegan, the current warden at Saint Luke’s Church Fontainebleau, will give the talk, accompanied by a team of young people, in what is sure to be an uplifting celebration of Christ through music, readings and intercessions.

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