Saint Luke’s Church Fontainebleau is thrilled to welcome with open arms Rev Karol Misso and his wife Deanna, who will arrive May 31st to serve Christ as locum at Saint Luke’s Church Fontainebleau. Here are a few words about Karol:

Karol was trained in the Diocese of Colombo, Sri Lanka, obtaining a Degree in Theology from the University of Serampore. Ordained as Deacon in 1963 by the last Bishop of the Church of England and Priest the following year by the first Bishop of Sri Lanka, Karol served in three parishes in the Diocese of Colombo before migrating to Brisbane, Australia with his wife Deanna and two daughters Kerenza & Rowan in 1972. In the Diocese of Brisbane, Karol worked as a Parish Priest in two Metropolitan, one Country Parish and as an Ecumenical Tertiary Chaplain. In addition to parish work he served on The General Board of Religious Education, the Queensland Ecumenical Council and The Brisbane Commission for the Ordination of Women. In his work in Religious Education he made a significant contribution to the movement for the Admission of Children to Holy Communion and Adult Confirmation.

In the 1980’s Karol enrolled in a University Degree in Psychology, finally graduating with a Masters in Counselling Psychology. He subsequently accepted a 4 year contract as Director of St. John’s Counselling Service at the Anglican/ Episcopal Church in Hongkong where he also served on the Chaplaincy Team. Returning to Australia in 1995 he worked as a Senior Counsellor, Supervisor and Educator at Relationships Australia and as Sessional Lecturer, Course Coordinator and Supervisor in the School of Psychology and Counselling at the Queensland University of Technology.

He currently has a Private Counselling Practice and is a licensed Honorary Assistant in the Parish of Christ Church St Lucia in an University suburb of Brisbane

Karol and Deanna have extensive experience of independent travel in Europe including a five week train tour of France in 2014 (there was a 21 day train strike!). Karol has done two Locums with the Anglican Diocese of Europe: in Tangier in Morocco and Costa del Sol in Spain. They are looking forward to a more relaxed time at Fontainebleau, sharing with you in Sunday worship and other activities at St. Luke’s

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