Daniel and Annabel Pouget will again be representing Saint Lukes Church Fontainebleau at the 2018 Archdeaconry Synod, to be held from 18 – 21 April at the Abbaye de St Jacut de la Mer. Speakers will include:

In addition to a program filled with prayer, music, and Bible study, topics presented will include:

  • Citizens of Nowhere, Citizens of Everywhere, Citizens of God.
  • Understanding religion in modern Europe; from within – and from without
  • Brexit: How will it affect us?
  • “Strangers at the gates: welcoming the migrant and refugee

SynodDefinitionA chaplaincy report from each of the Anglican chaplaincies in France will also be presented during the synod (including of course, Saint Luke’s Church Fontainebleau). The 2017 France Archdeaconry Synod presentations, and reports from each chaplaincy (including Saint Luke’s Church Fontainebleau), are also available on the Archdeaconry of France website. A report of the 2018 Synod will be published when it is received.

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