Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit                                      –  Matthew 28:19

On April 1, 2018, Easter Sunday, thirteen young people were either baptised or confirmed in Christ at Saint Luke’s Church Fontainebleau. Bishop Emeritus Peter Lee conducted the ceremony after several weeks of instructing the young people. The Saint Luke’s community rallied in customary unity to organise the event, complete with refreshments afterwards (plus an Easter Egg hunt!) Nearly 200 people filled the pews on this glorious occasion, a true celebration of Christ. After baptizing and confirming the youth, Bishop Peter Lee sprinkled the whole congregation with holy water. A few words from those in attendance:

Un petit mot pour vous dire à TOUTES ET A TOUS UN IMMENSE MERCI pour cette FANTASTIQUE célébration que nous avez tous préparée intensément depuis des mois pour les enfants de notre communauté. Elle était très émouvante et très belle. Et c’est l’occasion pour nous de vous redire notre fierté et notre joie d’appartenir à Saint Luke’s.

It’s a privilege to know you all and to participate yesterday in the confirmation service. It was a fantastic day for the children and everyone and a great day for Saint  Luke’s and all our Church family.

I am not often short of words but today I cannot describe how wonderful I thought yesterday’s service was.  I suspect those baptised and confirmed will remember it all their lives.  I just felt it was a privilege to witness it.

Saint Luke’s congratulations the 13 young people and their families, and thanks Bishop Lee as well as Reverend Jan Jensen, who prepared the youth prior to Bishop Lee’s arrival. Thanks to Leigh, head of Saint Luke’s Fontainbleau youth ministry, for initiating the idea and following it through to the end, and to Simon for his assistance and ongoing work with the youth of Saint Luke’s Fontainebleau. And thanks to everyone else who worked so hard to organise this wonderful day. You are what makes Saint Luke’s not just a congregation but a community. Allelulia, He is Risen! 

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