The association “Les Amis de l’Eglise Anglicane de Fontainebleau“, also known as “Les Amis“, is thrilled to invite you to the annual Quiz Night. The central mission of Les Amis is “to organise social and fundraising events and donate to charitable causes on behalf of Saint Luke’s Church Fontainebleau”.

“Music Quiz Night”, open to all ages, has become a much loved staple of the annual fundraising events for the Saint Luke’s Church Fontainebleau community. Thanks to the talents and excellent humour of our quiz meister, Quiz Night is as much a fun-raising as fundraising event. You won’t want to miss it!

Details are included in the featured image, or drop by Saint Luke’s for a Sunday Service for more info and to buy tickets, or contact us.

For more information about Les Amis and the charities they support please navigate to the Les Amis page.

Quiz invite

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