Once again the Lord has blessed Saint Luke’s Church Fontainebleau with an extraordinary locum. Bishop Emeritus Peter Lee is going to be with us from the 10th of February until 1st of April. His wife Gill will be arriving on the 7th of March. This is their second visit, the first coinciding with the commissioning of St Luke’s apartment last year.

In addition to leading Sunday Services and conducting other activities relevant to his position, Peter will finish preparing 13 members of Saint Luke’s youth for Baptism and/or Confirmation on April 1st, 2018. You are warmly invited to come join us in welcoming Peter and Gill back to Fontainebleau.

Here is Peter’s biography:

Peter Lee was born in the north of Ireland in 1947 and grew up in England. He attended Gresham’s School at Holt in Norfolk and then enjoyed an English-Speaking Union exchange to the Hotchkiss School at Lakeville in Connecticut, USA. (He was named Hotchkiss Alumnus of the Year in 2003 – in a list headed by Henry Knox Sherill in 1931.)

He studied History, Education and Theology at St John’s College, Cambridge.

Peter married Gill in 1971 and they have 3 daughters and 5 grandchildren in South Africa.

Peter was ordained in London in 1973 and he and Gill moved to Durban in 1976 (weeks after the Soweto riots broke out). He then served in parishes in Johannesburg and became Canon Missioner to Desmond Tutu while Tutu was Bishop of Johannesburg in the 1980s.

When the Diocese of Johannesburg was divided into four in 1990, Peter became Bishop of the Diocese of Christ the King which runs from Rosettenville (the historic centre of the Community of the Resurrection in the south of Johannesburg) to Sharpeville on the Vaal River. He became the longest-serving bishop in the Anglican Church of Southern Africa.

Peter was awarded a Lambeth Bachelor of Divinity degree by the Archbishop of Canterbury in 2006.

Peter has a lifelong interest in education. He served as Visitor to St Martin’s School in Rosettenville (the former St Peter’s, where Oliver Tambo both studied and taught) and has founded a 1,000-learner school in Orange Farm. He chairs the newly-formed Board of Education of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa, and for some years chaired the liaison committee between the Gauteng Department of Education and the Faith-Based Organisations in the province.

Projects for his retirement include individual spiritual direction and retreat leading, more work in education, and practising as an accredited mediator – all in addition to rest, travel, golf and grandchildren.

Peter and Gill reside in the Eye of Africa.

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