Saint Luke’s Church Fontainebleau welcomes new locum, Barbara Moss, who arrived yesterday and is settled into the apartment. She will be with Saint Luke’s for three Sundays, until 1st January. Like several of the locums who have ministered at Saint Luke’s, Barbara has had more than one career path: in her case as an academic before becoming ordained. She has provided the following short bio:

After working as a lecturer and computer analyst/programmer, Barbara was ordained in 1997.  She was a curate in Leytonstone, East London and chaplain to university staff at Great St Mary’s Church, Cambridge.  In 2005 she moved to Sweden as Priest-in-Charge at St Andrew’s Church, Gothenburg and Chaplain to International Students at Gothenburg and Chalmers Universities.  She served on Diocesan Synod and as Area Dean for the Nordic and Baltic Deanery, and is an Assistant Director of Ordinands.  Her wider networks have included the Waltham Forest Council of Churches, Cambridge Inter-Faith, Gothenburg Pilgrim Centre, and the Master in Communication programme at Gothenburg University.  Since retiring to London at the end of 2015, she has enjoyed having more time for travel, including locum chaplaincies in Luxemburg, France and Germany, and pilgrimage walks in Japan and Spain.

Please join Saint Luke’s church warden, Diegan Morris, and the rest of the Church Council, in thanking Barbara for coming to minister at Saint Luke’s over the Christmas period, and in making her welcome.

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