My wife Caty and I have lived in the Perche district of Lower Normandy for the last 10 years following my retirement. I serve as Assistant to St.Georges in Paris and Caen, along with occasional weekends at St.Marks Versailles and a recent long Locum Chaplaincy at Holy Trinity, Maisons-Lafitte during their vacancy, caused by the retirement of their Chaplain. Caty with a “twinkle in her eye” continues to wonder when I will retire. We are a family with 4 sons, and now also two daughters-in-law and 3 grandchildren at the last count, spread over the UK, Ireland and New Zealand.

Prior to ordination, as a Voice Specialist and Phonetician, I lectured in Drama, English and Communication in Secondary School, University, Drama School, and Anglican Teacher Training College. Television and Radio production along with tutoring Regional News Presenters was my field of work for 13 years. A call to serving God beckoned and following Ordination I served initially in parish ministry, which led to Prison ministry in London, Exeter and St.Albans Diocese, before a return to parish ministry. Nothing in life is wasted and all the experience found and used in education finds its way into ministry of every kind.

As an 11 year old my father sent me to France for two years to learn a European language, having sent my elder brother to Germany. Living and learning in this country for two years probably dictated our move to France in 2004, Caty was at school in Switzerland and so the move was probably inevitable. Part of my work here for our Diocese of Europe is in the field of ecumenism and so Normandy and the Orne are where I lead prayer and care for and with all faith partners.
Other than the 2 year period spent in the Midi, my school in England was the rural base for the Thomas Coram Foundation in Hertfordshire, with its connection with Haendel, daily morning and evening prayer, much music and active social responsibility. I am a singer and we look forward to singing with you, and albeit for a short period, being a part of your church family.

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