Before being ordained I was a trainee electronics engineer in television transmission. I did this a year before national service and a year afterwards. During national service I was in the RAF and was posted to Eastleigh, Nairobi.

I was made deacon in 1966 and ordained priest the following year. I served my first curacy at Feltham, near London Heathrow Airport. It was probably the last parish in England to have five full time assistant curates. After three years I went onto being assistant curate at Epsom in Surrey. While I was there I helped to found an ecumenical church on the estate where I lived. Three years later the Bishop of Ely asked me to do eighteen months assistant curacy on the Arbury Estate in Cambridge to see a deacon through to his priesting. There I got into youth work. After that I went onto be rector of two parishes between Cambridge and Ely.

 While I was there I became Diocesan Youth Officer for ten years, during which time, the pre-15th Century Rectory and the Barn was developed into residential youth centre. Apart from encouraging work among young people and training youth leaders, youth links were developed between the Diocese of Ely with Finland and Sweden.  I also became Diocesan Officer for Spirituality which continued almost to my going to Sweden..

 After twenty years in these two parishes, the Bishop asked me to put six churches and nine villages into one. This was near Newmarket but still in the Diocese of Ely. Sadly I succeeded to two unfortunate incumbents and all the churches were more or less empty. So the majority of my time was spent visiting, and in eight years the churches began to revive.

I was then asked to go to Gothenberg in Sweden to be the English chaplain which proved to be a most interesting experience. After five years I retired and since then I have been doing locums in various parts of Europe.

 I have two daughters from my first marriage, I married Irma on the day of my retirement ten years ago.

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