Pat and I both originate from Enfield on the edge of North London. Pat is a history graduate and taught in various schools. Eventually, during her last twelve years of teaching, she was the Deputy Headteacher of a large Comprehensive School.


I graduated in Theology. After various other jobs, I obtained a post-graduate teaching qualification and was a Religious Education teacher. I was then appointed as a College of Education Lecturer. After ten years, I became a Local Education Authority, Religious Education Adviser. I was ordained during this time and served as an non-stipendiary minister clergyman while an R.E. Adviser for seven years.


I left the world of education at fifty five and was installed as the Rector of three country parishes where I served until retirement.


Pat and I came to Dinard after we had both retired. We worked with Revd. Roger Fray, and his wife Beri, in establishing Christ Church Britanny for four years and then assisted with establishing Christ Church, La Manche. We are members of various local associations, including the local Ecumenical Group.

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